Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay, I Think I'm Ready

Playlists? Check.
Tools? Check.
A rough idea of the first two chapters? Check.
Food? Enough until the weekend, at least.

I've slept four hours since I got home this morning, and I'm taking the night off work to get a jump on my word count. Hopefully I'll be able to stay up and get this off on the right foot.

If anyone's made it to my blog via the NaNo boards, I'll be online most of the night as long as I can get WiFi down in the basement where I'm going to be hiding. I'm trying to keep my nocturnal activities from keeping anyone else awake.

My AIM name is JackFrostSA, if anyone wants to bitch, moan, gloat, brainstorm or take a break with me. I'll probably be desperate for human contact after a few hours. I'll see some of you at Finnegan's Wake for the kickoff party Friday night at 7, as well.

Good luck!

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