Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Can't Believe I Did It

I went ahead and queried a publisher for In the Teahouse.

Now comes the part where I scramble around nervously going over the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb, adding chapters, moving things around and generally agonizing over whether my work is honestly any good or not.

I’ve had conflicting emotions about this story since I first sent it off to beta readers. Some liked it, some didn’t and some never even got back to me. After a few comments I was forced to do some real soul-searching on the subject matter and a few of the characters and I came to the conclusion of “Hell with it, it’s my novel and I’m telling the story I want to tell.”

Now I’m to the point where I’m not sure if this is all I can do with it, but I’m not getting anywhere by letting it sit on my hard drive while I mope about it.

I don’t think I will be receiving a response for some time, seeing as the publisher is an indie horror press and is currently quite busy, so I now have this manuscript and its very final polishing to keep me busy.

I hope I don’t freak out and decide to tear it apart and rebuild it before then.


Angel Zapata said...

Use that nervous energy to create a new work while you wait for an answer.

The waiting will always make you crazy.

Jessica Brown said...

I'm going to be beginning the research phase of another long project starting next week, so hopefully that will keep me busy enough.

Rhys-Lain-Austurias said...

This is a huge step. Even if you are rejected, you will know that you took that leap.
-Licorice Lain

Jessica Brown said...

That's kind of what I was thinking when I made the decision. If I leave it sitting on the hard drive and make no attempt to put it out, I can't really say I gave it my best shot.

Plus, I cared about it enough to put it on my business card, so I may as well make the rounds with it.