Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Can Meet a Deadline, After All

I barely wrote anything Wednesday, sleeping instead after my meeting. I was just so damn exhausted. I think I managed to do just under a thousand words, which for me is somewhat pitiful. However, when you don’t have the drive, everything that comes out is pure crap, so I’d rather avoid writing when I don’t feel like it than force it out of me. I set my alarm, thinking I’d take a nap and write when I woke up, but when the alarm went off I curled right back up in bed.

Going into Thursday, I’d planned on heading to work early to get a jump on the word count. That didn’t work either, since a bunch of IMs I got while sleeping kept my alarm from going off (taxing system resources, apparently, though I don’t recall having many apps aside from iTunes running at the time). I woke up an hour and a half late and barely made it to work on time.

However, despite all the setbacks and the lack of inspiration and all that other bull, I made it. I typed to my heart’s content all night, all morning after my Thursday meeting and on the couch all afternoon. It turns out my boss had forgotten to let me in on my schedule change for Friday, so I got several more hours of writing time than I’d anticipated.

I think I found my word-count enhancing secret. I devote a lot more, word wise, to dialogue than I do narrative. I’m assuming this is fairly common. A conversation between two or perhaps three characters can eat up several hundred words easily. I’ve noticed my characters are talking a lot more in the later chapters, and I like it quite a bit. I think during the revision process I’ll try to make the other characters a bit more talkative as well.

I made the thirty thousand mark at around 8 last night, and today I celebrated by buying the US release of The Taste of Tea. I have the two-disc Korean LE set, but having the official US release is even better since I can now enjoy all the special features. This is one of the greatest movies where almost nothing happens. The whole film can be boiled down into one sentence: “Hey, check out my weird family members.” It’s two hours of pure amazement that cannot be boiled down into mere words, I really believe this.

I also got to watch another odd but interesting movie, Udon. I watched it while taking a break from writing, and it’s another movie I’d really like to share with people I know. Maybe at the next big get-together, who knows?

Tonight I’ll be going to the same awesome taqueria I went to last Friday, but this time I fully intend on making the write-in. It’s right next to a bookstore, in a place called Caribou Coffee. I believe the coffee shop is part of a chain, but I’ve never been to any before. We’ll see how that turns out. To be honest, I haven’t set my forty thousand word deadline yet (I’m thinking Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving) and I’m aching for a short break, or at least an excuse to slow down a bit. [Note: I did not make it to the write-in, being almost an hour behind schedule due to work and traffic and was also incredibly exhausted after dinner.]

I’m still considering a visit to the porn store to check out the more sordid books and magazines they have, but thinking back on previous visits most of that stuff tends to lean towards the “incest fantasy” type of story, and I’m absolutely not interested in that kind of thing. I’m thinking a quick glance over this other bookstore’s erotica section will be in order tonight. I’m still interested to see how other people tackle “intimate” scenes in their fiction.

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