Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashes in the Dark Summer Chiller Contest - I Came in Third Place!

And there’s prizes involved! I’m starting to like this flash competition thing.

Second place went to Graeme Reynolds’ By The Light of the Moon.

First prize went to the always awesome Angel Zapata with his story Surrogate Fruit.

I came in third with In the Shadow of Blossoms.

Honorable mentions went to Jody MacArthur for Creepy Crawly and Shane McKenzie for Heat.

Very cool stuff. I'm excited to see what the prizes are.


Rhys-Lain-Austurias said...

First to comment! YES!

You are doing very well. I am surprised your opinion of your writing is not a little bit higher.
-Licorice Lain

Jessica Brown said...

Time to break out the booze and cigars!

I try to keep my opinion a bit realistic, so that if something ever goes wrong or I receive strong criticism I'm able to handle it well. There are times, though, when I'm cool on the outside and giddy on the inside (like when Jacob sent me a PM over on the Permuted boards to tell me I came in second in the flash contest, and when I found out that JJ read my story at the panel).